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About us

Our brand, Morning Star, is a Ukrainian clothing and accessories company that was founded in 2015 by two ambitious students from the small city of Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Our founders started with the idea of creating t-shirts with prints when they were looking for part-time work during the summer. The first product of the brand was a white XXL t-shirt, which was bought for UAH 79 at the market and later added with a print featuring a wolf and skulls in the style of gothic tattoos. It took some time, but eventually, these designs found their audience, and the brand's loyal customers motivated us to create more and better designs for a larger audience.

At Morning Star, we firmly believe that fashion should be simple, thoughtful, practical, and affordable. Our journey began with creating sweatshirts and t-shirts with tattoo-style prints, which we call "tattooed clothes." Over the years, we've expanded our range and created designs for every item in our collection.

Our product line includes jeans, and we pride ourselves on maintaining our uniqueness by offering practical and affordable fashion to our customers.